About Us

Abrahams LLP is a law firm with expertise in all phases of the business life cycle. By tapping efficiencies brought by modern technology and staffing a diverse group of professionals, we are able to offer a broad base of quality legal services.

Abrahams counts among its clients ultra high net-worth entrepreneurs and investors, many of whom are based in Ontario or the Middle East. More than great legal minds, our entrepreneurial lawyers excel at identifying synergies between clients, often facilitating the generation of opportunities for both sources and users of capital alike.

Importantly, we recognize that no two clients or endeavours are ever the same. As a result, we provide quality services customized to the unique profile of each client and transaction. Fortunately, our firm structure gives us the flexibility to do just that.

Abrahams' founding lawyers began primarily with larger urban Canadian law firms, but ultimately opted to establish a firm focused on providing entrepreneurs with a wider range of services within a more comfortable and flexible structure. Those tenets continue to form the basis of our firm's model today.

With offices in 3 locations across the Greater Toronto Area and a global rolodex of contacts, Abrahams is in a unique position to serve clients in all their business ventures.


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We have two offices serving the Greater Toronto Area. Click below for full information: