Governance and Regulatory Compliance

Abrahams LLP works with clients to establish governance models and controls as well as implement the processes necessary to ensure compliance is aligned with current and pending regulatory regimes and business challenges. Abrahams LLP helps clients develop and incorporate sustainable compliance improvements that will adapt over time as their businesses and regulatory regimes evolve.

As regulatory requirements become more complex and businesses continue to enter new and emerging markets, senior management must stay up-to-date on their company's and their own regulatory requirements.

Abrahams LLP lawyers  have been heads of compliance and legal functions. As such, we understand and develop compliance management systems, both to satisfy regulatory requirements and audits , and in a manner that staff of clients can understand and incorporate into daily routines.

Corporate Governance

  • Assessment of compliance with Corporate Governance requirements
  • Drafting policies, procedures to demonstrate Board Oversight of  Governance
  • Creating  Board and Committees Work Plans and schedules

Regulatory Compliance Management

  • Creating a Regulatory Compliance Management Framework  and Systems
  • Drafting policies and procedures to manage regulatory risk
  • Independently assessing adherence to applicable regulations
  • Preparing materials for meeting with regulators

Anti-Money Laundering/ Terrorist Financing Procedures

  • Creating a process to assess the risk and controls related to AML/TF
  • Drafting supporting policies and procedures

Outsourcing Management

  • Creating formalized third-party program management
  • Drafting RFPs and negotiate contracts with suppliers

Cyber Threat

  • Assessing and reviewing physical and logical processes to deter cyber threats and to protect client data
  • Advising on Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans
  • Drafting Cyber Attack  Response Plans



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