Our Health practice advises both for-profit and not-for-profit clients in the health care and life science spaces. On the for-profit side we advise pharmaceutical and medical device companies, medical laboratories, research and development organizations, private hospitals and various clinics. On the non-profit side we routinely advise hospitals, regional health authorities, research institutes, long-term care homes, health care agencies, health care professionals, and regulatory colleges and health care associations. We also offer strong expertise on any privacy, compliance and other regulatory issues that may arise in the provision of health services. 

Among other things, we typically advise on:

  • Compliance with the Canada Health Act, the Health Insurance Act and related statutes including regulatory compliance management and related policies and procedures
  • Privacy and confidentiality of medical records, personal health information (including its collection, use and disclosure), and access to information issues
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and related statutes
  • Hospital operations and integration matters
  • Private and public health care delivery
  • Government relations
  • Hospital Board Governance and Accountability Agreements with the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

While recent changes to the health sector have our clients demanding better solutions at lower cost, our team is well-suited to offer quality services on a more flexible and cost-efficient basis than our competitors.




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