Islamic Finance

Abrahams LLP is a leader in the Islamic finance space. Our lawyers have published books, chaired international conferences and spoken at many workshops on the subject matter. Yet this thought leadership is only part of what sets our Islamic finance practice apart. Our strong grasp of conventional corporate finance, our subject matter expertise and the flexibility of our firm structure combine to give clients a decisive business edge.

Our lawyers have advised on Shari’a compliance all across the transactional spectrum from the more common home financing Ijara (rental) and Murabaha (credit sale) agreements to mid-level Musharaka (partnership) and Mudaraba (sweat equity) arrangements to more complex structures such as Sukuk (fixed income instruments) and Islamic trust and endowment planning. Our technical expertise in all of these areas allows clients to pursue sophisticated strategies while preserving the ethics and integrity of their proposed financing structures.

We advise Shari’a-sensitive entrepreneurs and investors throughout the business life cycle. From the outset, our insight and extensive experience in early-stage Shari’a-compliant financing puts our entrepreneurial clients in a risk-adjusted position as they embark upon their business endeavours. As the enterprises grow, we assist in the formation of more mature financing models: Shari’a-compliant private equity and venture capital funds, capital investments, securities offerings and multi-tranche structurings.

Importantly, we have also developed ties to reputable scholars of various schools of thought, allowing us to connect our clients with the resources they need when pursuing the transaction they want. 



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