Cynthia Lindo

Law Clerk

Office: Toronto
Tel: 416-966-0304 X 237
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cynthia Lindo

Cynthia is a law clerk in the firms’ Business Law Group. She has over 23 years experience in the legal field. In 1998, due to her growing family’s needs, Cynthia’s core values lead her to take on a freelancing role in her career. As a result, she has acquired a wide spectrum of knowledge and exposure in various areas of law including corporate and securities, civil litigation, employment, estates and family law. Her work in an array of settings ranging from solo practices to large firms has greatly refined her people skills, allowed her to quickly adapt to different circumstances and, be an essential team player.

Currently she enjoys a permanent role at Abrahams as EA to Mujir Muneeruddin; she is also responsible for the day to day functioning of the Business Law Group. Outside the office, her time is busy spent entertaining her four teenage children, dreaming about her next travel, some fitness and lots of cooking.

Cynthia is fluent in Italian.


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