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Shari'a-Compliant Private Equity: A Primer for the Executive

Topics covered: Private Equity Fund, Sukuk, Shari'a-Compliant
Author: Shahzad Siddiqui - view profile
ISBN: 9781843746560  |  Published: July 2010

This book is designed for the executive who wishes to access Shari'a-compliant private equity, launch a private equity fund, convert an existing fund into an Islamic equivalent and more.

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Islamic Wills, Trusts and Estates: Planning for this World and the Next

Topics covered:
 Succession & Estate planning, Inheritance
Authors: Muft Talha Ahmad Azami , Jo Summers , Shahzad Siddiqui
ISBN: 9781843747673  |  Published: April 2011

This book covers all aspects of Shari'a succession and estate planning. Along with technical details of the Shari'a mawarith (laws of succession), the book includes practical case studies and calculations showing different potential inheritance outcomes.

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Fruits of the Orchard: Endowments for Mosques and Islamic Charitable Organizations in Western and Muslim Lands - eBook only

Topics covered:
 Awqaf, Shari’a-compliant investment products, Charity, Muslim, Endownments
Authors: Mufti Talha Ahmad Azami, Shahzad Siddiqui

This concise report will address fundamental issues about how Islamic institutions can establish awqaf (religious endowments) and start making use of conservative, "core capital protected" investment strategies.

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Sovereign Sukuk: Reconsideration, Realignment and the End of Shari’a Arbitrage? - eBook only

Topics covered:
 Sukuk (Islamic Bond Market)
Authors: Mr. Parvez Daruwalla, Shahzad Siddiqui

In this Euromoney Books Intelligence report, the authors describe the intrinsic nature of a Sukuk and its application particularly in the sovereign Sukuk market and more

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